A1 Superstars! Amateur Sports Talent 
"Our Amateur Athletic Talent have become stars on their club, middle school, high school and college teams. It makes me extremely proud to be a part of their success!" 
-A1 Superstars! CEO Vince Seay

"In my 40+ years of coaching and personal sports management, I, Vince Seay, have been blessed to work with and assist great Athletic Talent in all sports. I have worked with Talent as young as third grade and helped them become gifted athletes. At A1 Superstars!, we want our Talent to be sought after by schools and elite athletic programs. If the Talent has the desire and ability to train hard, we at A1 Superstars! will work to help make them a sports success!"** - Vince Seay

Amateur Sports Talent

With A1 Superstars! Amateur Sports service, we will work with the athlete (also the parent or guardian if the athlete is a child) who is looking to achieve improvement or greatness as an athlete. We will work in making sure that the athlete is doing everything possible to keep them on track. We will personally contact the Talent and will be there to offer Talent advice; guiding, motivating, mentoring and managing their success, doing whatever it takes to help The Talent excel!

We at A1 Superstars! will also there to assist Talent if they need him to speak to an industry professional or institution on their behalf! If we feel that Talent could be helped through the assistance of a phone call, we are able to do that! There are many times that Vince Seay personally has called schools, coaches, athletic directors, etc. to assist Talent in furthering their career. He and A1 Superstars! are there to help!

Our goal as a Sports Management and Consulting Company, is to help Talent play at the highest level possible! We may attend their games (geographic restrictions apply) or watch tapes of the Talent play and suggest ways that the Talent can work to improve the level of their play. We can analyze their strengths and weaknesses as a scout would and help them develop their game so they can look good to athletic programs interested in their services. Talent will get a superior level of athletic advice the same as a as a professional athlete would!

Talent can also receive newsletters from him via email. These are the same newsletters that he sends out to colleges and industry professionals, and he features many of his Talent in them! Again, a GREAT way for Talent to network and get exposure! 

Talent will also be able to send us pictures, videos (you may send us a link to your online video) and written info on their accomplishments and we may post it on A1 Superstars!' social media sites. We at A1 Superstars!, love to get our talent as much publicity as possible. 

A1 Superstars! can send the Talent's information to and speak to coaches on all levels for them! We are also there to help Talent with publicity and media access, which is critical to career success!

Assistance with College Athletics - For Athletic Talent graduating from high school, college athletics is their next step in their amateur sports career. It's never too late to start, but ideally, Talent should begin the process as early as eighth and ninth grade! Unfortunately, many athletes don't understand all the steps necessary to smoothly transitioning to college sports. They lose that opportunity to collect tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship money and their career stalls. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! With A1 Superstars! as your Talent Expert, we will help you transition to college athletics and help you receive all the benefits available to you!

With us guiding your talent, we can assist you in putting in your college application, informing you of all the financial aid forms you should be preparing, making sure you apply to the sports clearing houses, getting you to send your info on time to various coaches and creating an atmosphere of a successful college recruit! College athletics is very confusing and competitive and you should use all the help you can get. Hire us to work for you! We can help get you results!

As your Sports Management and Consulting Company,we will also give you assistance with athlete training*. We can personally assist Talent in obtaining quality training in other sports. Our Talent has gone on to play NCAA Division 1, 2 and 3; NAIA and JUCO college sports, and our younger Talent has gone on to play on their local middle and high school teams!! We know what coaches are looking for and we make sure to impart that information to our Talent! We make it our business to search for and recommend trainers that can work with Talent to help them succeed. We constantly attend various sports schools and clinics searching for the best sports instructors. If you want to be the best, you must work like the best! We see to it that our Talent are on that level to succeed! We want to see every one of our amateur Athletic Talent do well. It's all about success with A1 Superstars! and if you want to be taught how to become the type of Talent that is constantly sought after, we are the Amateur Sports Management and Consulting Company that you should be working with!

We at A1 Superstars! are also available to work as a Talent Expert consultant to schools, teams and organizations that need to find out how they can get better results and higher achievements from their young Athletic Talent and teams.

We at A1 Superstars! are proud of the work that we has done and will continue to do, following our Athletic Talent from as early as third grade all the way through through the collegiate ranks; helping them realize their athletic dream!

CALL OR TEXT us at A1 Superstars! in the U.S and Internationally at 1(833)218-2536 to set up an in-person or phone interview to become one of A1 Superstars!' elite Talents. You must be at least 18 years of age set up an interview. If Talent is 17 or under, Parent must set up the interview. 


*As Talent, your success may vary. Success depends on many factors including but not limited to ability, determination, self-discipline, self-confidence, level of sacrifice, education and/or third party help in achieving said goals. A1 Superstars! is in no way guaranteeing that you will achieve the level of success that you desire, but only that we at A1 Superstars! will work with and assist you in achieving your desired success goals. Prices for Talent Services vary depending on how much work is involved in working with Talent. Price will be quoted prior to beginning service.
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Let us at A1 Superstars! guide your amateur sports career so you can achieve your sports goals and dreams!* YOU CAN BE THE GREAT ATHLETIC TALENT EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT!!